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  • A simple arcade shmups

    After finishing a couple of simple games with Construct2 and being a fan of old school arcade shmups, the time was ripe for me to get my hands on creating my own shmups. An idea of a story line emerged around which we would build the game, and a working title was there. And ofcourse an unrealistic release date.

    First sprite designs

    After some more sketching we came up with some better sprites to work with.

    And we are on a roll. Hard working on polishing the sprite assets, desinging some banners for the internet add campaign..

    And with the release date I set, the trailer video also needed to be there. Mind you, I started in the middle of June. Check the release date I set myself in the video.

    As you can see, time managment planning is not my strongest side, although need to say that initially I was planning something like a one level galagga, so maybe I could have made it. But while designing, the idea was there to immidiately go for the likes and feeling of a real arcade shmups.